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Friday, 3 December 2010

share : Tension..

                                          You will lose your ATTENTION
                                            This may spoil your personal RELATIONS
Untimately, you won't get COOPERATION
                                             And get things into COMPLICATION
Then you may raise CAUTION
                                            And you have to take MEDICATION
Why not try understanding the SITUATION
                                   And try to think about the SOLUTION
Many problems will be solved by DISCUSSION
                                          Which will work out better in your PROFESSION 
Don't think this is a free SUGGESTION
                                           It is only for your PREVENTION
If you understand my INTENTION

You'll never come again into TENSION!!!!!


ijatnuar87 said... [Balas Komen Ini]

ahaks..kemah kening bi demo...

apik pehe said... [Balas Komen Ini]

haha..naseb bek x pakai loghat ganung..belit doh lidoh

mR Gee.!! said... [Balas Komen Ini]

dok kemah mane boh...
pantun jer tuh.. ekkekeke.

tension kadang2.. tp stiLL bleh maintain..

nok try hok versi gaNu ker..
ade nih, tengoh set time nok post jer.. hehehehe

ijatnuar87 said... [Balas Komen Ini]

kemah la tu...pantung dalang bi tu,hehehe...

nur said... [Balas Komen Ini]

wah.. nice words..

entRi2 seLektif....

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